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Super soft clay for budding and seasoned artists

Super soft
Mess free
Non toxic
For Ages 5 - 105
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The Super-Soft Clay

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Sprout Works Connection was conceived as a means through which friends and families could get back to the basics by engaging in arts and crafts together. 



What an awesome product that both parents and kids will love – it’s so easily moldable and has such a soft texture. When your creation is complete it doesn’t dry up hard like traditional clay, rather it becomes a lovely foam creation that can be kept for a very long time and won’t break or shatter even when dropped!


My kids absolutely love the clay as the package comes with carving tools to help you achieve some beautiful creations! I must admit that I’ve been tempted to play with the product myself a number of times as it feels so nice and is so easily moldable. It’s hassle free, mess free and hours of fun. I can’t say it enough, what an amazing gift to give to loved ones and friends.

Joanne L.

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